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The McMultiverse McMultiplies

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, March 19, 2019 12:13:07

Legends Parallel's Kickstarter is Gearing Up.

First off, welcome friends of Brian Pitts, a/k/a Brian "Bigger Lion" Daniel, to our mailing list. You can opt out any time you wish but we hope you won't. We have a lot of great stuff happening right now.

What do Comic Booked, Black Science Fiction Society, Pop Culture Review, Indie Comic, and others have in common? They all love Legends Parallel. Now that we've secured National print, and International digital, distribution through Nerdanatix we're preparing to release more issues more often. That means setting up a production schedule and sticking to it. While Legends Parallel has been self-sustaining since its release, it has taken us about a year to release each issue when all was said and done.

Not that it's been a problem. Legends Parallel has been a top 10 comic on Nerdanatix since January 1, 2017, and was recently the #1 comic overall.

It takes our artist, Leslie Tejlor, about 45 days to do a full comic. The more we can pay upfront the more issues he can crank out. Also, we're building a graphic novel around the first three issues that will be made available to brick and mortar stores all over the country. Comic book stores prefer those over single issues since they have a better shelf life and are a better return on their investment.

All in all, we're set to take the Legends Parallel multiverse to a whole new level. Please make sure to join us on April 1, 2019, when our Kickstarter goes live. We will have a wide range of rewards for backers, including rare autographed issues. Also, don't forget to spread the word to your friends and families. You wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this.

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Exciting Legends Parallel News

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Fri, March 01, 2019 12:50:07

The #1 Comic on Nerdanatix is Moving Up!

Legends Parallel has been in the top 12 releases on Nerdanatix since January 1, 2018. Now, graphic & cute story below, it has popped into the #1 position. That is based on a combination of views (issue #1 is still free digitally) and sales. While we're thrilled to reach #1 we're also proud of the fact that Legends Parallel has been a consistent title since we signed the distribution deal.

Now, we find ourselves at a bit of a crossroads. Legends Parallel has been self-sustaining since it came out in 2016. But, that puts releases on a slow track. Since we have real distribution, and a solid fan base to build on, we want to take it to the next level and start cranking out issues, create a full graphic novel for brick and mortar stores, and increase our digital footprint globally. To do that we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign on April 1. There will be more detailed info coming in a couple of weeks, but I wanted you to be aware of it so you can share the news with your friends.

Stick around, this ride's just begun.


If all that's not enough, you can click THIS LINK to watch the NSFW video trailer for our Kickstarter and then THIS LINK to see how I write scripts for comics. It's a great piece and I need to thank Sam Kates for giving me the space to share and for introducing Legends Parallel to the U.K.

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Cake and Death

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Thu, January 17, 2019 08:55:33
While Eddie Izzard offered Cake or Death, I'm far more magnanimous. I will allow you to have Cake AND Death. Aren't I fun? I was interviewed by, the internationally renowned author, Claire Buss for her blog A Slice of Cake. You can CLICK HERE to read it. You'll learn more than you needed to ever know about The Brittle Riders and you'll learn how to make Irish Apple Cake with Custard Sauce.

How many sci-fi writers can offer that?

If David Brin came off a three day tequila bender, and dropped acid, he would have written The Brittle Riders.

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McSciFi on the McRadio

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Thu, January 10, 2019 13:43:29

A Deep Dive into the World of McSciFi.

Genesis Science Fiction Radio will be interviewing me and accepting calls from listeners. Feel free to tune in and call with all your questions. Or just say hi. Either works for me.

Also, don't forget, THE DEATH OF FAERIES has extended its submission deadline to February 1. If you, or anyone you know, are wanting to submit, the instructions are in the below graphic.

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McSciFi's McStupid McContest

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Sat, December 01, 2018 11:46:41
The dumbest contest ever.

Here's the deal. Anyone who subscribes to my mailing list is automatically entered to win stuff. Not great stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Here's how it will work. On January 1, 2019, two names will be randomly selected from my email list and those lucky people will get stuff. Specifically, this stuff.

1. A 2X woman's T-shirt with my face on it. One is black, the other is burgundy. Which winner gets which will be entirely left to chance.
2. Autographed copies of issues 1, 2, & 3 of Legends Parallel.
3. An autographed copy of Svarozic.
4. And that's it.

If I'm feeling flush I may toss in an autographed bookmark. But don't count on it.

Look, I told you this contest was dumb.To make it even dumber, I have signed up with several sweepstakes companies to promote it. I'll be bundled up with offers for TVs, time-shares, and so on. That should get odd.

You're welcome to tell your friends, if you have any after admitting you think this is fun, and get them to sign up too. All they need to do is be on my mailing list on January 1, 2019.

Lastly, if you want to actually meet me and take a selfie or something, I'll be in Chicago at Pocket Con on December 15. That's in the Cultural Center at 78 East Washington. It's free to get in and fun for humans of all ages. It specifically highlights works geared toward the LGBT community and people of color. I've been to a few and they're always a blast.

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McSciFi Gives McThanks

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, November 20, 2018 13:19:51

Here, in the happy land of Bill McSciFi, I have a lot to be thankful for. My girlfriend is sane, I have a roof over my head, and there's food on the table. There have been times when none of that was true.

I'm grateful for many things. I'm grateful that, Shane Thomas, the owner of Science Fantasy Hub allowed me to share the hard science behind The Brittle Riders and, in fact, was so impressed he not only bought the book, he gave it a 5-Star review. He even shared it with over 10,000 people who follow him.

I'm grateful that Brian "Bigger Lion" Daniel, owner of Hadithi Sambama, took a risk on letting me write Legends Parallel and is now seeing success for his company. Check out his brand new website to catch up on everything. He's assembled an amazing roster and I'm honored to be a part of it.

I could go on but, mostly, I'm grateful for you fuckers. You maniacs keep buying my shit, showing up at events, and telling your friends to check out my stuff. It's because of you people that everything I do is possible.

Next month I'm going to run the stupidest sweepstakes you've ever seen. But it will be fun. Until then, I wish you and yours nothing but good health, success, and happiness.

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McSciFi in Motown

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Thu, October 25, 2018 13:03:44
The 10th anniversary of MCBACC is happening on November 3, 2018 at in the Student Center of Wayne State University. This is the 3rd time Legends Parallel will be represented. The fine folks at MCBACC will be pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone has a great time. There will be SWAG bags featuring product from comic creators from all over the world, cosplay contests, and much more. Bill will be there, as he is each year, with Brian "Bigger Lion" Daniel, the owner of Hadithi Sambamba Comix.

There are still a few tickets left so CLICK HERE to get yours now.

We're also thrilled to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for ICC Magazine is fully funded. For those who pledged your SWAG will begin shipping on October 25.

Lastly, we had a great time at the White Oak Author Fest. Sporting a new, promo, T-shirt for The Brittle Riders prompted an unusual occurrence. We sold more shirts than books. Which means there are people out there promoting a book they've never read which was written by an author they've barely heard of.

So that's cool.

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Not Too Cool For You

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Thu, October 04, 2018 14:13:52
Certainly everything I'm about to share is too cool for those who don't follow this blog. But, you are not such a being.

First and foremost, the ICC Mag Kickstarter is gaining traction and getting ready to share all those cool rewards with tis backers. Since autographed stuff from me is in that haul you should head over now and share your sheckles.

Next up, I've been pegged to edit an upcoming anthology called THE DEATH OF FAERIES for Azoth Khem Publishing. It's a collection of LGBTQIA themed stories based in sci-fi, horror, or fantasy genres. It's going to be fun and dark. Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.

In the meantime, thanks to each and everyone of you for your continued support.

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