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Drop By and Say Hi

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, June 04, 2019 11:36:12

First off, big howdies to all the new people who joined my mailing list at the Kankakee Fantasy Con. I met some great people and had a blast reuniting with old fans. Next year's event promises to be even larger, so it may take you a couple of minutes to find me. Don't worry, I'll make it worth your effort.

I get so focused on keeping everyone up to date with what's happening in the McSciFi Multiverse I sometimes neglect the real world. And that's a shame, because my real life is fun too. One of the things I do is write a blog called World News Center. It's a fun look at hard science and soft culture, often contemporaneously. It's also, often enough to be kind of true, the source material for my weekly guest appearance on The Big Wake Up Call with Ryan Gatenby on WBIG-1280 AM. The live show airs at 9:10 AM (CDT) every Friday but you can listen to hours of great stuff, some of it mine, by clicking on The Big Wake Up Call's link.

More below.

In the McSciFi multiverse I'm making progress on the script for SPLICE, the feature film I'm writing for Watch Dog Entertainment. It's a new challenge for me since Splice, the lead character, isn't what anyone would call lovable. Fascinating as hell, yes, but not lovable. Not even likable. The villains I create have some semblance of humanity, some quality people can relate to, but not him.

How he got that way, and what that means to those around him, are making this story one of the best I've written. I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

More below.

In comic book news, there's a heap load of coo coo cool things going on. Now that they've worked out the details Nerdanatix is now opening up brick and mortar distribution nationwide. If you, or someone you love, runs a comic book store and would like to carry some of the Nerdanatix titles (BUY MINE! BUY MINE!), just reach out to me and I'll put you in touch with the right people.

In the meantime, you can read the first issue of everything I've done for free online. Downloading or printing cost extra, but not too much.

Legends Parallel - For those who think quantum physics isn't violent or sext enough. Five earths and one woman wants to rule them all. This is the story of the man, his mom, and her lover who have to stop that from happening.

Svarozic - A woman trapped inside a man, a god trapped inside a human. Since they're all one person, she's got issues.

Jungle Grrl - In a distant future sex is encouraged, violence is frowned upon, and our hero, her bestie, and their dino clone, try to eke out a living in a sex park while figuring out the meaning of life.

Ruh Roh Rangers - This is the parody that'll ruin your childhood but make your day. Those four meddlesome kids are now four meddlesome adults.

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Come play with me!

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, May 28, 2019 14:00:36

On June 1st I'll be at the Kankakee Public Library Fantasy Fest, at 201 East Merchant St. in Kankakee, IL. The doors will be open from 10 AM until 3 PM and admission is free. This will be my second appearance there and I'm really looking forward to it. They have stuff for little kids, teens, and people old enough to read my stuff.

This is the con where, last year, a woman was flabbergasted to discover I am not, nor will I ever be, a black lesbian. Who knows what this year will bring?

More below.

Hadithi Sambamba Comix is now being distributed in stores in Houston, Texas. What's fun about this is some stores are ordering the ten page teasers we were trying to give away. You can buy Legends Parallel, Jungle Grrl, and many more, while you pick up your ice cream delights. Yes, one of the stores, Rocket Fizz, also sells ice cream.

If you're in Houston I think I just planned your afternoon.

More below.

I jumped back into the Y/A market and am officially back working on Clarity Girl. The world's favorite Chibi warrior will once again be patrolling Smick City while commenting on pop culture, wishing she had tacos, and trying to find time to see her boyfriend.

More below.

The national rankings for Nerdanatix came out today and I have four titles in the top 10. Click on each title to read issue #1 for free online. If you want to keep it you can download each title for a small fee or you can order hard copies.

Shipping is free through May 31.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for your continued support.

Jungle Grrl

Legends Parallel

Ruh Roh Rangers


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Free Shit

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Wed, May 15, 2019 12:57:25

While this blog is festooned with links to free stuff it seems that it might be a touch easier for folks if I put them all in one place. So, here we go.


Legends Parallel - The perfect series for anyone who thought quantum physics wasn't violent, or sexy, enough. You can read issue #1 for free online, and the first 6 pages of every issue after that. There are fees if you wish to download or purchase print copies. Rated "M for Mature."

Jungle Grrl - A future Earth is a sex-park with dino clones. A 10 page character intro. You can read it for free online. There are fees if you wish to download or purchase print copies. Rated "M for Mature."

Ruh Roh Rangers - A group of meddlesome teens are now meddlesome adults. A bent look at a Saturday morning classic. It'll ruin your childhood and make your day. A 10 page character intro. You can read it for free online. There are fees if you wish to download or purchase print copies. Rated "M for Mature."

Savorzic - A woman trapped inside a man, a god trapped inside a human. Since she's all one person, she has issues. An 8 page character intro. You can read it for free online. There are fees if you wish to download or purchase print copies. Rated "T for Teen."


A Letter from An Editor - Winner of a 2013 Sci-Fi Editors' Choice award. A young, mentally challenged, man receives a rejection letter and ends up spawning an interplanetary war.

The Space Clowns of Zoimba Prime - What could possibly be happier than a space circus with nuclear warheads? A clown named Slappy McClownDick might be the answer.

Twerking for Jesus - She wanted to do something fun with her family. Instead she summoned Chtulhu. Features a mandatory appearance on the Ellen Show (not authorized by any breathing beings).

Fourteen Frogs - You're worried about the Illuminati. I'm worried about who runs the Illuminati.

And The Beat Goes Phut - A DJ witnesses the apocalypse while sharing a drink with the terrorist who started it. The first story I ever had commercially published.

Vorbliss - The most fun you can have with a fatal disease and a sexy, telepathic, nun.

If Thou Art God - Tongei comes to Earth to be its god. That goes about as well you'd expect.


Zeedub Bezzies - Chaos, cooking, and Iranian lesbians. This one covers some ground.

Genesis Science Fiction Radio (podcast)

Escape the Every Day (Cindy Tomamichael)

Angelic Musings (Aaron Michael Hall)

Galaxy of Authors (J. C. Steele)

Sland, from The Brittle Riders,
interviewed by The Knights of the Science Fiction Roundtable

Eric Klein (hard SF interview)

Science Fantasy Hub (Our Pigeon Overlords)

The 'bleak' quote is from a Catholic priest. It should give you an idea of what you're getting into.

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McFun McNews

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, May 14, 2019 14:01:03

I just thought it might be fun to take a look back at the many iterations of me as I plunge forward into some cool stuff. First off, I'm thrilled poopless to announce that my collaboration with, Glyph Award nominee, Maku seeing the light of day. The short, called Ruh Roh Rangers, is an alternate universe look at four meddlesome kids who became four meddlesome adults. Click on the link to read it for free.

It'll ruin your childhood and make your day.

More below.

In other news, Hybrid Zero is chugging along nicely. As of right now there are three different universes that will, one day, cross. The first, Jungle Grrl, is out now and you can read it via the link. The second, Cassandra and the Changeling Sword, is well on its way to being on an internet near you and, the behemoth that inspired it all, Juggernaut, is completely scripted and in development. Basically, Cyril Brown, the creator of these universes, will be chained to a drawing table until Gabriel sounds the final trump. Which is fine with all of us.

You can join in the fun by subscribing to Cyril's Patreon page. Subscribers will get access to his eye popping NSFW art long before anyone else.

More below.

Last, but certainly not least, you can now buy McSciFi authored comics in stores, and the stores couldn't be happier. The first one, Rocket Fizz in Houston, has added the entire Nerdanatix line. The cool part for McSciFi fans, and that includes you, is that I have three titles in the top 5 and you can enjoy a gourmet soda while you're there. Seeing Legends Parallel #3 debut so high just reinforces the idea that we're all doing something right.

You can check each of them out by clicking their links below.

Legends Parallel

Jungle Grrl


Much more to come, but that's enough for now.

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McLessons McLearned

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Wed, May 08, 2019 17:23:52

The Legends Parallel Kickstarter did not get fully funded. Which means no rewards were sent out, and the 4th issue didn't get paid for that way.

Okay, that's the bad news. Now for the good. People may not have wanted to fund our Kickstarter, but they did want the comics. Sales increased so dramatically that Issue #2 of Legends Parallel debuted at #2 on the weekly Nerdanatix sales chart. Issues #1 and #3 are still in the top 20. In fact, there's never been a week, since January 2017, that there hasn't been a Legends Parallel title in the top 10.

In short, people like the comic.

What they hated were the rewards. So, we'll head back to the drawing board, happily entertain any suggestions you might have, and give this another shot later. Right now we have to concentrate on getting that issue out to the public anyway.

Also, the first three issues are being compiled into a graphic novel as I type and Nerdanatix has started adding dedicated stores, the brick and mortar kind, to carry it. And all their other titles too.

So that's cool.

In other comic book news, you can read the character intros of Jungle Grrl and Svarozic for free just by clicking on their names. Both are in production to be full length releases later this year. Jungle Grrl is the fun story of a future fake Earth where public sex is okay but violence isn't. So, naturally, all the action happens in an amusement park. It'll all make sense when you read it. Svarozic is the story of a woman trapped inside a man and a god trapped inside a human. Since she's all one person, she has some issues. Apropos of nothing, it's set in a traveling gypsy circus.

In keeping with my carnival theme, you'll be thrilled to note that The Space Clowns of Zoimba Prime will be coming out on Land of LOL, a feature on Science Fantasy Hub. Due to the fact it has naughty words, and uses nuclear weapons like toys, it will be in their new adult oriented section called Salacious Science. Even so, it's funny as hell and will give you a new appreciation for clowns.

In non-circus related news, unless you count the side-show like atmosphere at Azoth Khem, the omnibus edition of The Brittle Riders is nearing release. The compendium of the entire trilogy cranks in at just under 1200 pages. Pre-orders from stores are already coming in so I'm guessing it will be used for more than a door stop. Also, the regular trilogy has been repackaged, and spiffed up mightily, for those people who might not want to make a lifetime commitment to reading one of my stories.

Until the omnibus comes out please allow me to tease you mercilessly with a peek at how cool it all is.

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McSciFi Making McProgress

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Tue, April 23, 2019 16:15:19

Legends Parallel zipped past 50% funded.

Don't miss out on the cool rewards.

Legends Parallel's Kickstarter campaign continues to march towards success. While the custom variant cover has been spoken for, so sorry, there are many other great rewards. You can be a character in issue #4. You'll meet a brutal end, but you'll have a copy in print as well as a digital version you can share with friends.

Check out the amazing cover for issue #4 done by Alexander Malyshev.

More below!

If your adult content needs are still not satiated, make sure to head over to Cyril Brown's Patreon page. You can get in on all his eye-popping graphics for pennies a day. You can also check out his Hybrid Zero comic as well as his collaboration with me, Jungle Grrl, for free just by clicking the links. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Still more below!

Last, but far from least, I recently had the opportunity to team up with, award-winning screenwriter, William Hayashi and, critically acclaimed artist David Novum Hutajulu. We worked together, guided by Chicago fundraising legend Joan Hollingsworth, to create a short comic designed to empower senior citizens, and entertain everyone.

Conversion will be released May 15, 2019.

Hey, I had to do one thing you could show your kids and parents.

I hope you're having an awesome day and look forward to bringing you more McSciFi.

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Kickstarter and Patreon and Coffee! Oh My!

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Wed, April 10, 2019 16:00:42

Now You Can Join All the Fun!

The Legends Parallel Kickstarter campaign is growing. We added more cool rewards and a chance for you to appear on a variant cover for issue #4. The cool thing is that it will be printed so you'll get a hard copy as well. Who wouldn't want to show that around the office? Plus you can be the first person on your block to have digital copies of Issue #4 when it's done and see pages as it develops. And, BONUS!, there are stickers, coffee cups, and much more for you to enjoy.

Again, a big thanks to Tye Feimster and all the crew at Watch Dog Entertainment for the cool fan promo.

Keep reading below.


The legendary Cyril Brown has upped his game and is now offering unlimited access to his NSFW pinups, comics, and more. His Hybrid Zero comic has been an internet sensation for almost a decade and our recent collaboration, Jungle Grrl, busted into the top 5 at Nerdanatix immediately after its release. Now that he & I have partnered up there's going to be a ton of new content, comics, and more.

You can join the fun by signing up to support Cyril's Patreon page. Trust me, his stuff redefines "eye-popping."

That's all for now. Tell your friends to join the mailing list so they don't miss out on anything!

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You're McWonderful!

McSciFi OnlinePosted by Bill McCormick Thu, April 04, 2019 16:35:43

Short and Sweet Today.

First off, thanks to Watch Dog Entertainment for creating the flyer (below) on behalf of Legends Parallel's Kickstarter. We knew, going in, that most of our fans already had our stuff so we were going to be enticing new people to come out and support us. So far, it's been working. Slowly but surely. That said, there are some amazing rewards we've never offered the public before, including customized coffee cups and collectors' cards. Feel free to share the link with all your friends. If we meet our goals we have some incredible stretch rewards sitting in the back room.

Legends Parallel, the perfect story for people who think that quantum physics isn't violent, or sexy, enough. We've fixed that.

Also, the fun folks over at Hadithi Sambamba are proud to announce that Cyril Brown, creator of the eye-popping Hybrid Zero universe, has started a Patreon page so fans can get some of his NSFW pinups, sketches, unreleased art, and more. You can check out Cyril's latest release, Jungle Grrl, for free at Nerdanatix. Then get over to his Patreon page as quickly as possible so you don't miss out on anything.

In summation, support the Kickstarter for Legends Parallel, then support the Hybrid Zero Patreon page, then treat yourself to something nice. You'll have earned it.

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